I love to create knits

From the wardrobe of my childhood I remember my sweaters (and not my dresses like all little girls) - and the desire to know how to knit as well as my mother and my grandmother - for whom the knit was an expression artistic.

I had a pretty expressive wardrobe when it came to knits !! Later, at the Beaux Arts in Berlin, studying fashion design, I refined my obsession with knitting.

Paris - elegance, nonchalance, a love for beautiful things, an infinite know-how in fashion - with great passion, I take open arms, this city in my heart.

Dressing the women here, each beautiful in their own way, highlighting them - which has inspired me every day when creating our knits. It is a real chance to be able to live this passion of my childhood every day!

allrich designer and owner katja baron portrait


Our expertise

More than two decades spent in beautiful fashion houses in Paris, I developed my concept of a few models, excluding seasonality, made with great respect with knitters in Italy and England.

The creation, the uniqueness, the research, several prototypes, testing the threads to find the most suitable for the creation - in short, taking the time to develop your models well, with all my know-how - that was the starting point for allrich.

My husband joined me in this adventure and together we continue our dedication to quality in all aspects.

Our passion

Exceptional knits, which underline the beauty of women, which highlight them, make them shine - and reveal more daring, glamorous facets ... ..

Creator links that are durable through their creative value and their quality over time. The refined color, always a detail or a surface that shines, sparkles - knitted glamor!

Easy to combine, from day to night, and very feminine and cheerful - our models are available in small series. And at the right price. Without going through intermediaries but directly with the final customer, it allows access to high quality products at a price that includes only the material, the craftsman and the creation.

Affordable designer luxury. 

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