Take care of your sweater!

So that your favorite sweater will accompany you for a long time, we share with you our ritual to take care of it with love.

Here are some simple and effective tips to keep your knit looking beautiful and fresh.

Do not panic ! For the longevity of your stitches, sometimes doing less is better!

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Air your sweater

Materials like wool and cashmere are naturally resistant to bacteria and odors, stains and soiling - don't wash your knitwear as often as the rest of your laundry!
It's best to air it outside for a day out of the sun or cool it down with an organic spray that contains mint or cedar - a natural odor and moth repellent.


Use a special wool and cashmere detergent

Wool and cashmere love water! Washing your mesh from time to time makes it even more beautiful. When washing is necessary, follow the instructions on the care label. Wash either by hand or with the special wool program of your washing machine. No more than 20 ° C and do not rub to avoid felting.

Use a special wool & cashmere detergent to avoid felting the delicate fibers of wool or cashmere. We use Tenemoll (Intervall) which contains lanolin, the natural wool fat, and which makes the wool shiny, soft and resistant and thus helps it keep its shape (moreover, completely biodegradable and guaranteed without optical brighteners, bleaching agents, enzymes and formaldehydes).


Wash only the stain

If you discover a small stain, do not wash your entire stitch right away! Instead, remove the stain with a little special wool & cashmere liquid detergent:

  • Wet the task,
  • Put a few drops of the soap,
  • Let stand
  • Remove the soap with a wet glove / towel.
  • If it is a large stain, you can do a partial wash in the sink.

Prefer a hand wash in your sink or in a basin.


Dry your knit flat

The secret of a beautiful sweater that does not warp: Dry your knit flat, and handle it with delicacy!


  • After washing, stretch your sweater into shape.
  • Lay it flat on a towel, roll it up, and gently squeeze out the water. Do not wring the towel
  • Dry it flat on a towel - NEVER on a hanger! Your sweater is heavier when it is wet and then it will lose its shape.
  • Avoid drying in the sun as the UV will discolor or on the heater as it may leave marks.

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Give steam

After washing, to remove a few creases, run your iron with the wool and steam mode over your mesh, without touching it. The steam also helps put it back in shape. Wool - like our hair - reacts to steam and can be reshaped and - well dried - will thus keep its shape afterwards.


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Remove pilling

Almost all the stitches show a little pilling on the surface when you wear your sweater regularly - this is due to the abrasion of the fibers and their felting.

We recommend the use of an anti-pilling comb or razor to gently treat the surface. After that, your sweater will be like new!


Keep your mesh away from moths

If you want to store your sweater for an extended period of time in your wardrobe, wash it, and put it - folded flat - in a tightly closed container. Preferably add a natural moth repellent such as cedar, lavender or rosemary.

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Here is our professional advice to keep a magnificent sweater for a long time.

If you have any questions or tips to share, don't hesitate to contact us, we love it!