This month allrich is focusing on one of the greatest animal prints in fashion history, the snake print, for his next creation.

Iconic animal motif

A re-discovery of the chic and timeless print is being prepared with the arrival of the MILLA sweater, a V-neck knit sweater with a snake pattern (jacquard)! The softness and comfort of the knit will join the density and daring of the snake print, in this brand new model which will be offered, upon its release, in two colors: CamelBlack and Red Black.
You appreciated that we compliment you on the way you wear our previous models, you blew it away and we heard you, this new line in the snake print is intended to make you fascinating. And how ! History shows that snakeskin has been used as an emblem and worshiped by all classes of society for centuries. The impression that emerges from this imprint comes from the fascination people have for this reptile. So why not on you?

In the fashion and luxury world it is said that “Less is more”, the beauty of the snake print can be emphasized when paired with less toned and more monochrome pieces, we take this direction to infuse that eye-catching print. We continue to create bold and timeless clothes, ready and easy to wear with more ordinary and classic clothes. Plus, let's not forget that this timeless pattern found its place in the fashion world many years before our time.

Chic, independent, cheerful, glamorous, strong and low-key at the same time - simplicity, but a little eccentricity seems to be a winning combination for our client. This is why the combination of knitwear and jacquard snake print is simply ideal and that we at allrich are launching a model very soon, maybe even more than one! ... specially dedicated to this print .

So we can't wait to see you shine wearing our new Milla model!
We will keep you informed…

See you soon !

Katja & Alex

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