When the holiday season is here, your wardrobe is adorned with colors of silver, gold, shiny, metallic, glitter and anything that can make you happy and radiant. Why not extend this effect all year round ... At allrich, we always seek to bring fashion and trends closer to you, by designing timeless clothes. Today we tell you the story of the clothes we bring to you.
Katja, founder and stylist of the brand allrich was greatly inspired by the disco era of the 70s and 80s, at this time in history, women liked to go out to nightclubs, wear extravagant clothes and dress like if it was New Years everyday. The 70s and 80s saw a lot of different style parades, styles that fashion designers gladly return to each year.

Debbie Harry, singer of the new wave band Blondie, was a great inspiration to her. Punk, glamorous and vintage, her unique look had made her a pioneer in exploring different outfits. This is how she managed to define and inspire some of the biggest trends in fashion history, including the metallic colors found in our LUX collection.
She too frequented New York's most famous club, Studio 54, and flaunted outfits in the most sparkling and festive colors on the dance floor. Her blue sequin top is one of the first pieces of clothing that defined the new disco trend in the fashion industry. Her metallic mini doll dress, which was almost invisible then and is an eye-catcher today, plus her disco party dresses and jumpsuits allowed her to put her signature on it. Her different looks have made Debbie Harry the benchmark in disco fashion. Inspired by her style and her clothing, Allrich creates timeless, easy-to-wear clothing for women who want to feel happy, glamorous and radiant all year round.

Disco fashion

The NOVA dress, for example, is a modernized take on the old Hollywood vibe. This is the perfect option for anyone looking for a retro glam vibe. The V-neckline is surrounded by a white neckline. The loose fit and the sleeves are loose, comfortable and elegant. The lower part of the dress ends with a mini skirt. A unique dress in a shimmering golden hue that can be worn with over the knee boots, classic pumps or flats.

© Photo: Monika Motor

Besides this golden dress, part of our collection was totally inspired by the disco mirror ball era of the 70s and 80s. Without a doubt, Debbie Harry herself would wear the colors and the fit of our LUX collection. Available in 9 different metallic shades, the color palette of the lux cardigans suits all styles, preferences and skin tones. Worn open or buttoned, it is a unique piece to have in your wardrobe, it will go perfectly with more Fashion or more classic clothes.
On this glamorous and colorful touch, we wish you a new decade full of joy.

Katja & Alex

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