Knit Care

Take care of your sweater!

Here we share with you how to take care of your favourite knits in order to keep them for a long time. Some easy and efficient tricks will keep your knits fresh and in good shape.
Don’t panic! Concerning knitwear, to do less is more!

Air out your sweater

Wool and cashmere fibres are naturally resistant against bacteria or unpleasant smells, against spots or dirt – don’t wash your knits as often as you wash the rest of your garments. It’s better to air out your sweater for a day – not in direct sunlight – or to freshen it up with an organic fabric freshener spray containing mint or cedar – working naturally against moth or smell.


Use a special wool and cashmere detergent

Wool and cashmere fibres love water – so every now and then washing will help to make your knit fluffy again and helps to bring the beauty of these natural materials out. When washing is needed, follow the care instructions on the care label. Wash either by hand or with the special wool wash program of your washing machine. Stay around 20°C and do not rub in ordert o avoid felting.
Use a special wool & cashmere detergent that avoids felting the delicate wool or cashmere fibres. We recommend Tenemoll (Intervall) that contains lanolin (natural wool grease) making wool resistant and fluffy. It’s completely biodegradable and contains no phosphates or softeners, helping the woollen items to keep their original shape and prevent them from widening.

Only wash the stain

When you discover a little spot or stain, avoid washing the whole garment. Only treat the spot with a little bit of wool & cashmere detergent:
Wet the stain
Put some drops of detergent on the stain
let sit and then remove the stain with a damp cloth
If there is a bigger part of spots, you can wash your knit partially in the sink – privilege hand wash in your sink or in a basin.


Dry flat

The secret of a beautiful knit which keeps its shape: dry your knit flat and handle with care!

  • After the wash, pull your knit into shape on a towel
  • Lay flat on a towel, roll the towel and softly – without wringing – remove the water by pressing
  • Lay flat on a towel and let it dry – NEVER put your knit on a hanger to dry. Your knit is heavier when wet and will completely loose its shape on a hanger.
  • Avoid drying in direct sunlight as it may impact color by UV and avoid drying on a heater as it may leave pressure marks

Steam your knit

After washing steam your knit to remove wrinkles or to bring it back into shape.
With your iron – on wool temperature and steam mode- you go over your knit and steam without touching. The steam helps to bring back into shape. Animal fibres like wool behave like our hair: they react to damp heat and can be shaped this way. Let dry flat after steaming.


Remove pilling

Nearly all knits will develop pilling when worn regularly which is caused by abrasion on the surface and the felting of these fibres. We recommend treating the pilling surface with a sweater comb or a knit shaver for a delicate treatment. You will see, your sweater will be like new again!

Keep away moths!

If you intend storing your knit for a longer period, wash it before and put it- folded flat- into a hermetic container. You can add a natural anti-moth like cedar, lavender, rosemarin.


We hope you enjoyed our professional tricks for keeping your favourite knit beautiful for along time!

If you have any questions or any tricks to share with us, please contact us – we love that!

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