Debbie Harry & Studio 54

Being Party time at the end of the year, your wardrobe shows metallic colours, sequins, glamour– all effects making you joyful!
Why not continue this radiant effect throughout the rest of the year? allrich creates fashion pieces connecting to trends and being at the same time classics. Here we share with you where we got our initial kick off for our vision.

Katja, fashion designer and co-founder of allrich, is inspired by the 70ies and 80ies, when people were partying in discotheques, wearing extravagant styling pieces – and doing so every day as if everyday was New Year’s party time. The different trends and attitudes of the 70ies and 80ies are still inspiring many designers.

Debbie Harry, singer of New Wave Rock Band BLONDIE, is one of the iconic inspirations. Punk, glamour and vintage, she had a unique look making her a pioneer exploring different outfits, combining and creating unique pieces – and always be classy. She is a fashion icon and has influenced many designers since then. Shiny metallic fabrics were regularly part of her looks and inspired the LUX collection.

Debbie Harry was a habitué in the famous night club STUDIO 54 in New York – in amazing and glamorous looks – look at the electric blue asymmetric sequin top, a beautiful example for the disco trend. She was a trendsetter for sophisticated glam looks.

Inspired by her wardrobe and looks of other STUDIO 54 Stars, allrich creates contemporary and easy to wear pieces for women striving for joy, glamour and style – throughout all the year.

Disco fashion

The NOVA dress for example is a modern version of a Hollywood dress – if you look for retro glam look, this one is for you. The generous V-Neck is contoured by a white rib finishing, the shape is loose and can be adjusted with a draw string at hip level. A special dress in gold white or cobalt blue white which can be worn with knee high boots, high heels or ballet flats.

© Photo : Monika Motor

Besides this dress, other styles of our collection have been inspired by the disco mood of the 70ies and 80ies. We could imagine that Debbie Harry would wear colours and the shape of our LUX style today…. Our style being available in 6 different colours today, every type of woman can find her ideal colour combination. Worn open or buttoned, it’s a unique piece in our wardrobe – be it with the fashion pieces or the more classic wardrobe…

Let this new decade start with a glam attitude and joyful colours!

Katja & Alex

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